Paradigm Productions. was started in 1995 as a privately held corporation, using the emerging medium of the Internet to create sales and marketing opportunities for manufacturing customers. From this base, Paradigm has grown into a complete-service interactive agency, producing marketing communications solutions for a digitally driven marketplace, across all industries.

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  City Des Plaines, IL
  Zip Code 60018
  Address 2500 E Devon Avn
  Phone Number (847) 768-0018

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Our flexible service structure empowers companies to propel individual projects and integrated programs from inception through implementation. With on-call access to a professional team of creative, technical and business savvy experts, we'll fill the gaps with whatever is missing; ignite your imagination with fresh external perspectives; help you deliver at an accelerated rate; and increase your company's overall sales performance.

With us, it's all about you. Our multi-disciplinary team of talented designers, programmers and marketers fill in, broaden, and build on your team's core competencies. Your company has difficulties articulating its value proposition in a single soundbite or eyeful. You want greater exposure to potential customers by elevating and expanding your visibility. For an objective, no-cost assessment on removing the obstacles preventing you from growing revenues, contact us today at or 847-768-0018.

Your mind processes visual imagery exponentially faster than letters and words. And because perception is reality, it is critical to make a positive impression on potential customers in milliseconds. Paradigm is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps companies move more product faster at tradeshows, online, and in print. Showcasing your product, people, and processes with high-quality commercial and industrial photography give you the best shot at winning new business. This is because many purchasing decisions are based on a series of small, subtle impressions accumulated across a company's marketing and sales touchpoints.

It is no longer a question of marketing Offline or Online, but how to best market your offerings Offline AND Online. This is because buying decisions driving purchasing behaviors are found on cell phones AND tablets AND desktops AND print collateral AND during in-person interactions. The key is using different channels collectively and each medium effectively. Paradigm has the expertise to blend the perfect marketing mix for optimal results, at any sized budget.

Once launched, they require constant updating, upgrading, and ongoing support. The problem is, it takes staff, time, and expertise to manage a website properly. Companies that don't have access to full or part-time IT support and can't properly and routinely maintain their websites experience downtime, failed functionality, security risks and lost revenue potential due to neglect. Our tailor-made functional plan is based on a range of capabilities to support your website's operations. Because websites are "living entities" that require attention and nourishment to continually grow in effectiveness and maximize your return on investment, we offer marketing plans that generate leads, accelerate sales, and increase revenues.

Our pragmatic approach to research converts insights into action and ensures our client's end goals are achieved. By working with Paradigm you will see data differently, measure performance quickly, and guide smarter investment decisions based on trustworthy and accurate analytics.

Choose from individual services or integrated programs that best fit your budget and required delivery schedule. Or, we could collaborate and recommend an action plan that outlines our suggestions. Either way, we offer the options you need to achieve optimal results.

The most successful outcomes begin with preparation, positioning, and planning. That's why Paradigm helps companies develop strategies and execute against them - because well-thought-out strategies make for better decisions, more wins, and better-served customers. While execution is essential, research and analysis that precedes planning are paramount. In our view strategy is as much about execution as it is about restraint - a poor plan well executed is just as bad as a perfect plan poorly executed.